In the beginning of 2014, Dr. Sheng-Mingshan in the Teaching and Researching Base of Nanjing Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) University brought to light the fact that bring to light the Human Genetic Barrier exists in human body and created a genetic barrier regulating agent purely made from Chinese medicine during the treatment of carcinoma by reversing cancer cell. The human Genetic Barrier or Gene Wall, is a compound functional system including biological enzyme and protein secreted from various kinds of cells and organs, engaging in maintaining the cell metabolism and protecting chromosomes and genes from the destruction of physical and chemical factors, by intercepting and filtrating the virus, bacteria, chemical substance and biological proteins harmful to chromosomes and genes of human body cells, and meanwhile guarding the basic structure and function of human body tissues and organs from deviation from the gene blue print.
    So far known as blood-brain barrier and prostate barrier, they are simply the typical expression of gene barrier in the brain and prostate, Dr. Sheng-Mingshan further verified in the research that with the open of gene barrier, the blood-brain barrier and prostate barrier will open in the meantime, so that the medicine freely enters the cells of human tissue including that of brain and prostate, directly or indirectly influence the chromosomes and genes and produce therapeutic effects, meanwhile the abnormal condition of gene barrier may become the cause of some diseases. This important discovery has a great significance in gene therapy and future clinical medicine.
The discovery of gene barrier and the creation of human gene barrier regulating agent has set the foundation of TCM gene therapy in gene controlling and editing by Chinese medicine, which marks the launch of a safe, simple, reliable brand new gene therapy.

    For the association between cancer and gene barrier, Dr. Sheng-Mingshan has recently published his latest finding on human cancer cell reversing therapy, the clinical data indicates: with the open of gene barrier, large amount of CAMP enters the cells through the barrier, rectifies cancer related genes and transforms cancer cells into the healthy normal ones which, however, are not the precancerous cells, e.g., liver cancer cells are not to be liver cells or abnormal type of liver cells after the transforming; the type of healthy cells after transforming depends on the information carried with on the CAMP reverse transcriptase RNA templates, different organs with cancer, different types of cancer cells have different information on the RNA templates of CAMP reverse transcriptase, but CAMP with the reversing message penetrates the gene barrier and triggers CAMP reverse transcriptase thus reverse the cancer cells. In another word, the cancer cell reversing therapy works on all types of cancer resulted from gene mutation, the revelation of this theory opens the door to overcome cancer for human beings.
    There are two levels of human cancer reversing treatment with different therapeutic effect. Level 1 is the penetration of CAMP with reversing message through the gene barrier activates intracellular CAMP reverse transcriptase and transforms the cancer cells, the latter will become different healthy cells such as nodules, soft tissue, Fibrous tissue, stem cells, heterocyst etc., the advantage of this type of reversion is that it is effective to any cancer cells, especially good for multiple cancer and multiple metastatic carcinoma, but it will accompany with loss of function of the affected organs; Level 2 is to activate CAMP reverse transcriptase in the cancer cells directly and transforms the cancer cells, if the message on the RNA templates properly modified, it is possible to control the type of healthy cell after the reversion, i.e. oriented reversion, or even restore the cancer cell to that before canceration thus avoid loss of function of the affected organ, however, it is only effective to a specific cancer.
    We have a new perception on human normal cell and cancer cell through the clinical research on human cancer cell reversing treatment, a human normal differentiated normal cell can mutate into a cancer cell, and a mature cancer cell can also be reversed into a different type of healthy cell, even a pluripotent stem cell, in this transmutation process, gene, RNA polymerase, DNA polymerase and the reverse transcriptase play the major roles, and the nucleotide encoding message defines the status, the direction and the outcome of the transmutation, therefore, we can apply informatory encoding and programming method in medical information science to edit gene information and to control human cell transmutation for the clinical service. It is especially significant to reveal the mechanism of cancer cell transmutation, which has great influence on gene therapy, human organ repair, regeneration and heredity.
    As the research on the gene barrier proceeds, it further shows that the gene barrier is close related to the occurrence and development of cancer, the dysfunction of human gene barrier is one of endogenous factors, which makes human body easy to have cancer, especially for cancer at the late stage, as the damage of gene barrier, the patient is subject to cancer metastasis and rapid functional failure of organs with the excessive growth of cancer cells; as the function of human gene barrier decreases in the body of elderly people, the incidence probability of gene mutation is largely increased, thus the incidence of cancer exponentially grows with the age growth.
The external programming technology of human life information system based on the human gene barrier technology, and TCM gene therapy of cancer, become a new cancer therapy, it gradually shows its particular effect, together with the cancer cell reversing treatment in human body and TCM immunotherapy, will play a important role in overcoming cancer..
    So far, we (Sheng-Mingshan Research Team) have enough scientific evidence to tell the cancer patients all over the world, the time of human conquering cancer is incoming, we have already clinically resolved the technological difficulties or realized: activation of immune function of human cancer, immune balancing of human cancer, dynamic targeting treatment of human cancer, cancer cell reversing treatment in human body, human body Chinese medicine gene therapy, and promoting human body genetic immunity. For the patient with a heavier burden of cancer cell, we combine photodynamic therapy, surgery, and radiotherapy, over 50% patients newly ill with cancer have recuperated.

    As the further researching on gene barrier technology, TCM gene therapy has finally become real whatever in theoretical research, or clinical experiment, or clinical treatment, and has been creating miracles one after another for human health service and medicine.
The TCM gene therapy based on human gene barrier technology, created by Dr. Sheng-Mingshan in the Teaching and Researching Base of Nanjing TCM University, is a treatment that opens human gene barrier by means of human gene barrier regulator in Chinese medicine, and uses ordinary Chinese medicine (or western medicine) as the genetic information encoding program or the genetic information encoding rectifying program to reedit and modify the gene message of human living cells, applied to treat various genetic diseases and clinical difficult syndromes, and achieved a good effect in clinical treatment.
    Human cancer cell reversing therapy is one of typical TCM gene treatment, an improved TCM gene therapy, which takes CAMP as a motivating instruction of reversing, editing and modifying the gene message in the cancer cells of human living body, and reverses cancer cells into healthy ones in the light of the message on the RNA templates of the CAMP reverse transcriptase in cancer cells,, in which the cancer cells will be converted to the ones in the way as we designed and required or even multipotent stem cells by modifying and reediting the message on the RNA templates, in this way not only can we cure cancer, but recuperate the impaired organs; moreover, TCM cancer gene therapy increases the disturbance and destruction of cancer cells by some specific Chinese herbs, inhibits their DNA synthesis and replication, effectively decreases the speed of DNA replication and cures various kinds of cancer.
    The TCM gene therapy on gene barrier technology (including western medicinal treatment), is a simple, safe treatment without side-effects, and has a broad application prospect, will gain unexpected therapeutic effects in treating the diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease (non-vascular dementia), wind stroke sequela, cataract, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, lateral sclerosis of spinal cord, aplastic anemia, hemophilia, various congenital inherited diseases, as well as in human organ repair and regeneration.

    Experimental researches on the human monoplast in vitro have been carried on adequately, and the human genome DNA sequence diagram has been mapped out, however, for the cluster comprised of billions of cells – human body, we only have a smattering of knowledge about how do these cells share out the work and cooperate with one another to compose various organs that function coordinately, the working of human life is like a black box to us, no one as yet can uncover and reveal the secrets inside until Dr. Sheng-Mingshan has discovered human gene barrier and created gene barrier regulator for opening the gene barrier to explore the unknown, then the truth of the working of life gradually emerges from water, the working of human life and intellectual activity are amazingly similar to those of computer, or for a change, computer is a bionic of human brain, for the detailed comparison, see the Attached Table 1 The Contrast Table Of Computer And Human Life Information System and the Attached Table 2 The Basic Of Human Information Medicine, thus we can write human life information program by external programming technology, and introduce it into human body safely and healthily, modify human gene information, regulate the working of human life information system, realize the human information medical service and health care.
    We can take the discovery of gene barrier and the publish of human genome DNA sequence diagrams as the milestone, the age before that is a time of a black box, man try to explore indirectly the law of human physiology, biochemistry, psychology and medicine in the box, but nowadays, we can directly understand that and the working of human life, rectify our misunderstanding before, reveal more unknown medical theory and benefit human beings, therefore, human gene barrier is one of the most important scientific discovery in 21th century, and definitely will bring about great changes in the field of genetics and evolution, even that of agriculture industry.
    The external programming technology of human gene editing based on gene barrier, makes the Chinese medicinal gene treatment (including that of western medicine) come true in the clinic, and has achieved extraordinary therapeutic effect, and the many medical problems obsessed human beings have been resolved like collapse of dominos, the key theory is that of information medicine created by Dr. Sheng-Mingshan ten years ago. The information medicine theory is also called unified medical theory, it looks Chinese medicine and western medicine as a whole, condenses complicated medical problems into a few human life information codes, or a simple segment of human life system program, but it alters the key information of human body running and produces “cure all” effect, the success of human cancer reversing treatment is one of the typical cases.
    Dr. Sheng-Mingshan applied a patent a few days ago, which exhibits people a future lift vista, a number of scenes in science fiction movies come true under the new science and technology:
    Hospitals turn into restaurants, and restaurants become hospitals: Various sorts of food in our daily lift is changed into information food by a special process for treating diseases or caring health, including cancer treatment, we have already adopted this technology in the clinical treatment of cancer, if it is popularized, it is not necessary for some patient to go to hospital, just go to omnipresent restaurants to have suitable food three meals a day.
    Hospitals become ATM supermarkets: With the development and popularization of information medicine technology, chemical drugs will gradually back out of the medical market, and be superseded by electronic information medicine and biological information medicine, the patient going to hospital will consult a cyber doctor, which may be as common as a ATM machine as we see everywhere along the street today.
    Hospitals become Internet bars, new web+: the successful development of human life system interface links everyone’s life information to the web, going to hospital will be just like playing in a cyber café, the patient can operate the computer and make his own choice and decision on the gross data, and have information treatment, telemedicine will become a routine service.
    Long-life new human beings: After people have utilized the human life information system version 1.0 for hundreds of thousands of years and upgraded it to the version 2.0, the up limit of life span could be expected 180 – 300 years or longer, namely, the new upgraded human expectation of life span will be over 150 years.
    Regeneration of human organs: by the time of human life information system version 3.0, people have used the primary version 1.0 for hundreds of thousands of years, the grown-up offspring from human parents could alter his own body at will, regenerate the human organ by the body cell maintaining technology, the longest period of maintenance will be 30 months.
    Super new human beings: the endeavor of people changing their own body by gene programming technology will produce a new generation of superhuman with special power.